Hello world! I’m Rose a homeschooled teen who loves to play softball, draw, craft (very badly :P), sing Disney songs, and have fun! I started this blog to share my interests and thoughts somewhere. I’ll be posting lot’s of different things. I hope you stick around and enjoy.




I promise, that other posts besides CWWC are coming. I actually have some planned out. Weird the whole idea of planning… *shudder* (I’m actually an organized/plan person believe it or not). Anywho, this is the 3rd challenge for CWWC hosted by amazing Lore@Let’sBeLost. 

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The past was bad according to Jeremiah our guardian. His favorite thing to say was “Ask no questions, get no lies.” He never told us where we came from, who we were. My name is Lola, I’m 13 years old and I live Jeremiah and my brother Caleb. I’ve never met another person besides them two.

“Can I go to school?” I asked Jeremiah at dinner.

“Why would you want to do that?” responded Jeremiah.

“Because most girls my age get to go to school and make friends.” I said.

“That’s all a lie, school isn’t like that.” said Jeremiah sullenly.

“I like it here.” chimed in Caleb.

After dinner, I climbed the steps to my attic bedroom. It overlooked the whole farm, from here I could see the cow pasture, corn fields, chicken coop, and the barn. Don’t get me wrong I liked my life, but I’ve always felt like somethings missing. The only thing from my past is a burnt diary. Jeremiah said it was my mom’s. She died in a fire when I was 5.

I want to escape this place… why I don’t know. My mind tell’s me that something is happening and I need to leave. Why do I feel this way?

I’ve decided.. yep I’m going to escape. I’ve secretly packed a bag with the diary, food, water, and my teddy bear. Don’t judge. Everyone’s asleep, I’ve snuck out. Leaving the sagging cabin behind.

“I’ll miss you Caleb.” I whispered into the darkness.

That was bad. I’m not the biggest fan out it. I’m down to the wire to get this in on time. I promise the next one will be better. 🙂


Rose ❤


It’s time for the second challenge of CWWC hosted by Lore@Let’sBeLost! I used 3 prompts. 😀

CWWC #1 <– Read my other story here.

WARNING: This story has some horror in it!! If your sensitive to horror, read at your own risk! 

The Attic

I sat on the bed giggling happily as Lucille told me stories of far off places and handsome men who rode horses.

“Oh Lucille, you tell the most wonderful stories.” I cried falling back on the bed dramatically.

“Tell Beth about Little Fiona.” said Eliza another girl in the orphanage.

“That one’s too scary.” said Lucille.

“Tell it!” I urged her.

“Fine, fine.” responded Lucille.

“Once there lived a little girl, she lived in an orphanage much like this one. The owner was cruel and wicked and when a girl was bad.. she would go to The Attic. A musty, dark, dirty place where the child would be chained to a wall until she would behave.” whispered Lucille.

“The other orphans were afraid of The Attic, the rumor was a wicked monster lived up there, waiting silently to eat the child.” darkly whispered Lucille.

“Keep going.” I urged.

“One day, a girl named Thalia went upstairs to investigate and give Little Fiona food. When she arrived at the top, Fiona was crying softly in the corner.”

“What’s wrong?” asked Thalia.

“It’s coming!” wailed Fiona.

“What’s coming?” questioned Thalia, confused.

“The monster, tell all the girls I’ll miss them. Don’t let it end like this, tell them I said something.” she cried in despair. Then a dark shadow crossed the room and scooped up the little girl as she let out a wail of terror.” said Lucille cackling.

“Is it really true?” I asked intrigued.

“Of course.” said Lucille. “Look out the window, between those old houses, rumor says you can see the monster carrying her into the night.

That night, I couldn’t sleep the haunting story hung in my mind. Was there really a monster? All of a sudden shatter rung through the house. Lucille sat up quickly and hurried to the door.

“What is it?” asked Eliza.

“Something or someone is downstairs.” said Lucille quietly.

Then a small creak was heard as the door started to barely open a long black claw emerged and grabbed onto Lucille.

“HELP!” she cried, gasping as the creature entered the room clutching her. The creature stood 10 feet tall with long black claws. It looked like a blog except the legs and arms that protruded from it. It took off and grabbed another girl and then swooshed out the window with Lucille and the other girl.

“Lucille!” I screamed out the window.

“She’s gone..” I sobbed. The room became increasingly dark as I sat and sobbed.

“She’ll come back.” sniffled Eliza.

I sat and cried for what seemed like hours until, I noticed the room was pitch black.

“Eliza..” I whispered.

“There all gone…” hissed a voice, then a long claw grabbed me and flew off.

I’ve never written horror before and it was really fun! 🙂 I might try to do another horror some other time! 🙂

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I used PicMonkey and made this awesome thing!! 😀
-Rose ❤





It’s finally that time of year when the amazing blogger Loren@LetsBeLost.  Does the Creative Worlds Writing Camp (CWWC) an awesome challenge that let’s all us bloggers write together to see which team will dominate! 🙂 This year I’m on Team Hogwarts!



We’re going to WIN!!! WOO!!! WOOO!!!

Sorry, I got a little carried away there… 🙂 The point of CWWC is to grow as a writer and challenge your writing mind, every 4 days, 3  writing prompts are posted. You must write a story using these prompts. You can choose to use all of them, 2, 1 , or some from past weeks. The more writing prompts you fit in the more points your team gets. Here’s my story for this week, I used all 3 prompts.

The prompts are:

prompt 1.jpg


prompt 2.jpg


prompt 2.jpg


This is an odd mix of prompts. I’m excited to see what y’all think of my story! 🙂

An Orphans Purpose

Part 1

The rain soaked my worn hoodie.

“Don’t you be comin back!” hollered, throwing my small bag of things at me.

She owned the orphanage, I had once lived in. I had pulled one to many straws this time. Where would I go? I had no family, friends, I had never left the barren walls of the orphanage. The only people I’d ever known were gone. The rain was heavier now like the sky itself was attempting to make my life even more horrible. Across the street was a gas station, maybe it would be of some help. I left the walls of my prison behind and ventured into the unknown world.

Part 2

“How can I help ya?” asked a older man at the counter.

“Umm.. just looking.” I quickly responded. My pack held only the bare essentials my 2 sets of clothes and $5, I had once found under my bed. I picked out a blue gatorade and a bag of cheetos.

“That’ll be $3.67.” the man said. I slowly parted with my money it was hard, it was one of the only things I had. I grabbed the food and exited the gas station, the rain had subsided to only a small drizzle. I remembered some of the children saying a bus station was near by. Maybe, I could sneak on or something. The streets weren’t crowded a few people scurried into nearby buildings to escape the cold wet day. The bus station came into view, the building looked old. The walls were cracked and the roof sagged down into the building. A few people sat around waiting for a bus or family member.

“When’s the next bus?” I asked the clerk.

“7:00 in about 20 minutes going to Chicago.” said the clerk.

“Thank you.” I responded.

The bus pulled up, I was hidden behind a large metal trash container. I saw the driver walk inside. Now was my chance, I bolted into the bus and slipped under the seat. I brushed against something hard and smooth. My fingers grasped at it and pulled it out. It was a black notebook with a note posted on the top “Things I wanted to say but never did.” It was a diary of some sort. “THUMP!” The sound of people, I popped out of my seat and slipped into a seat.

“Anyone sitting here?” asked an older lady her gray hair was piled into a wild bun on her head.

“No.” I responded quietly.

“Not a talker are ya.” she said sweetly.

“Not very much.” I said. The notebook was still in my hands. I slowly started to read it a combination of little quotes and pictures filled it’s pages. On one was a picture of a garden with pink flowers dotting the bushes a beautiful statue was in the middle as if watching over all the flowers. The quote underneath read

The maiden of the garden watches with a steady eye for the One. 

I didn’t know what it meant, but it sounded lovely. The buses rocking motion was soothing the sound of peoples voices flitted through the air. I was tired, soon enough I dozed off.

Part 3

I found myself in a garden, the same one from the picture. The statue was watching me, her eyes followed me as I walked along the circumference of the garden.

“You are the One.” she whispered.

“Huh.” I said confused.

“You will do great things.” she said.

“I wil”

I awoke with a start, the entire bus was on it side, the shouts of people were deafening. The lady next to me was struggling to get out of the window. I shimmied out of my seat.. the words of the statue hung in my head.

“You are the One.” I kept repeating to myself. Then it was clear to me what I needed to do.

I know that wasn’t very good but I tried! 😛 I’m ALWAYS open to constructive criticism and helpful tips! 🙂





Little Ponies

Bonjour my friends. I am back, I know you missed me! 😛 Yesterday for my photography badge in AHG, I had to go and take pictures of the same thing every hour; to see how the lighting changes. It was super fun. I decided to share the pictures with y’all.




1:30pm *I had to eat lunch so I was a little of schedule* 















It was really fun to see the changes in lighting and how they affect the mood of the photo. My favorite was the last one.

What was your favorite? 

Bye sunnies,


Liebster Award

Thank you so, so, so much AG Homeschooler from AG’s Wondrous World for nominating me. AG Homeschooler runs a great doll blog, go and check it out. Now onto the award…

Step #1 – The Boring Part

I sadly have to list these very boring rules…

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you, also try and give a little promotion for their blog.
  2. Display the award on your sidebar (optional)
  3. Give 10 fun facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with under 200 followers

Alrighty the boring part is done. *high fives everyone*

Step #2 – In which you learn more about.. ME!

1. I’m homeschooled and proud! #homeschoolersrock

2. I’m OBSESSED with unicorns and pusheen the cat

Pusheen 1.gif


pusheen 2.gif


This what I look like when I blog… 😉

3. I’m part of an organization called American Heritage Girls (AHG), its a Christian version of girl scouts. We earn badges, go camping, and grow in our faith with the Lord. ❤



  4. I’m a Disney geek.



This may be the most adorable gif ever created… it’s Stitchy! ❤

 5. I love chocolate preferably milk chocolate

 6. I’m a writer, I’m currently brainstorming ideas for my new novel.

7. I love the color purple

 8. One day I hope to become a surgical vet




Batman is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

 10. Now this is the last fact.. it should express who I really am….

Cupcakes forever!



That was a very expressive last fact. Now as well as giving you those ten facts, AG Homeschooler added some other questions for me to answer.

What’s your favorite show?

OH SO HARD! Either Stranger Things or Lost

SEASON 2 IS COMING!!! (for Stranger Things)

What’s your greatest fear?

Uh.. all the chocolate in the world disappearing

I don’t really know, to be honest I’m not really scared of anything.

What’s your favorite animal?


Do you believe Pluto should remain a dwarf planet or be a regular planet again?

Pluto is a planet, if you say it’s a planet at one point and then say “oh yah, we don’t want you to be a planet anymore” no that doesn’t happen. Once a planet always a planet.

Do you believe in God and in his Word, the Bible?

Yes I do.

What’s your favorite Bible verse?



Who’s your favorite singer or band?

I like Hollyn and Owl City.

Do you like the show Jessie?

I used to watch it a long time ago.

What do you believe happened to the dinosaurs?

I’m not entirely sure.

Thanks again AG Homeschooler. Now my nominees are,

Cseveneaj @ Pen and Paper

and anyone who’s birthday is in August! 🙂

Goodbye my sunnies,  <– How do you feel about that?


P.S – New sign off coming soon!




Cutest Pet Contest Entry

Hello everyone, Brooke over at Food and Fun Stuff is holding a cutest pet contest! I’ve decided to enter my best friend’s dog, GABBY!


Sorry about the glare… that shiny flooring. 😛




So cute! ❤


I hope you enjoyed. Is she not the cutest little thing? She’s 1 1/2 still a lil puppy.

Do you have any pets?