Hello world! I’m Rose a homeschooled teen who loves to play softball, draw, craft (very badly :P), sing Disney songs, and have fun! I started this blog to share my interests and thoughts somewhere. I’ll be posting lot’s of different things. I hope you stick around and enjoy.




Zoo Pictures

Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, I absolutely love animals and I spend a lot of time at the zoo. I volunteer and love to photograph the animals. A little while ago I went and took a ton of pictures. So here they are!

*DISCLAIMER*  There are a ton of pictures so prepare yourself with popcorn and a glass of lemonade and mentally prepare yourself.

PicMonkey Sample (2)




This beautiful picture of a breadstick..


Extremely aesthetic picture of Doritos!




I hope you were not extremely bored with all of those pictures. 🙂 Have a lovely week. Let's Chat (2).png

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October Goals

Hello everyone! It’s finally October.. which means pumpkins, candy, fall leaves, fuzzy hoodies, and my favorite S’MORES!

*I’m very food motivated, in case you didn’t notice*
*Also very sorry that this is so late into October.. life happens sometimes*

Anywho it’s time to recap the wonderful month of September and plan some fun October Goals. That will most likely not be completed.  Also in this post, I will not only be telling you bloggy things from September but some from my life as well.

1. Flashback to September







I posted

4 times

I feel ashamed. I meant to most more but life kinda got the better of me with school, youth group, AHG, volunteering at the library and zoo, and homework. *shudder* IT’S GOING TO BE DIFFERENT THIS MONTH!

– Posts

NaNoWriMo Prep

Double Book Review *Running Out of Time + Double Identity*

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September Goals

If you missed a post, be sure to head back and check it out. 🙂

-Goals (that failed)

❤ = Completed

😦 = Did not complete

1- Post more regularly  😦

Yah.. it was explained above.

2 – Have more creative ideas 

I think, I did pretty good with this. I know I can get better though.

3 – Start Scripture Sundays 😦

I sadly wasn’t able to get this up. I’m going to do it this month. It’ll start next Sunday most likely.

4 – Have fun and don’t compare my blog to others 🙂

I was finally satisfied with my blog this month. I like my theme and I tried my best to post what I could.

50/50 on the goals this month! 🙂 I’m happy!

– Books

This month I read all Margaret Peterson Haddix books. I read..

Among the Hidden.jpg


I read the first 3 books in this series and I’m on to the fourth! This series is the best, the books are shorter than most. Around 200-250 pages, and they make for great short reads if you don’t feel like stressing your mind with 9000 pages.

The other ones I included in this post.

– min


2. October Goals

Onto the goals for October.


– Work More on My Blogging Notebook

Clara over at Clara and Co. had a post featuring her blogging notebook. It really inspired me to start one of my own. I’ve been working on it for some time now. I’m really excited to show it y’all.

– Post at Least 6 times

I have some catching up to do, but this counts as 1 post.

– Keep You Guys Updated on NaNoWriMo Prep

I’m super excited for NaNo and hopefully this year, I won’t procrastinate so much.

– For Real Start Scripture Sundays

I really want to start this up!


– Read at Least 5 books

One of which must be the Scarlet Letter which I’m reading for Literature this year. Hopefully the Old English won’t kill me.

– Finish the Shadow Children Series

Margaret Peterson Haddix has a great series that I’m hoping to finish soon.


– Read my Bible Everyday this Month

I honestly forget sometimes and I really need to get better with it.

– Get Most of My Homework Done by Friday

I keep getting my homework done on Sunday when it’s due Monday.. oops! 😛

So those are all my goals for this month.. I hope you enjoyed! Also…





Thank you so much guys! It means a lot knowing you guys care this much to read my blog. 🙂

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NaNoWriMo Prep

Ahh! It’s soon to be November and you know what that means!! nanowrimo.png


Yes.. folks. NaNoWriMo is back!! For those of you who are not familiar with NaNoWriMo, it National Novel Writing Month when writers come together and try to write a novel in A MONTH! It’s slightly insane you’ll need some inspiration help, lots of snacks, and a whole lot of motivation or procrastination if your me. 😛 No matter what age you are you can do it. There’s a younger version called NaNoWriMo YWP (Young Writes Program) for anyone under 18+ but 13+ can do the adult version. I do the younger version.. because I am a child. I tried to do it last year and miserably failed. THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT! I’m super excited and totally ready. I’ll give you a little sneak peek at my “idea” for my novel.

I’m about to write down pretty much all thoughts for this novel… so get ready.

I’m thinking a girl named Evelyn who is 15. Her 16th birthday is coming up and her mother is preparing for her to be married so she can take the throne. Evelyn has no intentions of marrying and proceeds to run with a rag-tag group of girl pirates to sail across the sea on a search for Evelyn’s father.

Thoughts… COMMENT PLEASE!!! 

I’m really excited for NaNoWriMo!!


photography contest .png


Brooke @ It’sBrookeJade is hosting a super fun photography contest! 🙂 Be sure to click the link and go check it out.

Sorry for a short-ish post. Stay tuned for Part 1 of my Colorado travel diary! 😀

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Double Book Review *Running Out of Time + Double Identity*

I just read 2 of the most amazing books ever by the great author Margaret Peterson Haddix!

I recently was shelving books at the library, because I volunteer there!! #nerdy Anywho, I found some of her books and checked them out, immediately I was hooked. I’ve read.. 4 of her books so far and I’ll be reviewing my 2 favorites so far.


#1. Double Identity

double identity


Title: Double Identity

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Stars: 5 out of 5

Age Range: 12+



My mother is crying.

She is trying to do it silently, but from the back seat of the car I can see her shoulders heaving up and down, her entire body racked by sobs. I look out the window at the darkness flowing past our car, and all the pinpoints of light on the horizon seem far, far away. My mother always cries, now. In the beginning, back in the summer, I used to try to comfort her, used to ask her — stupidly — “Is something wrong?” And she’d force her face into some tortured mask of fake happiness, her smile trembling, her eyes still brimming with tears: “Oh no, dear, nothing’s wrong. Would you like some milk and cookies?”

That was before today, before my father hustled the three of us into the car and we drove for hours and hours across unfamiliar states, the light fading and the roads we are on getting smaller and smaller, more and more remote.

I do not know why my mother is crying. I do not know where we are going.

– Excerpt from Teen Reads


This book was so well written, the twists of the plot just kept coming, and coming. Bethany was the sweetest character, she was so thoughtful and always looking for answers. My favorite part of the book was most definitely the characters. Each character was so well thought out, the tiniest character who had nothing to do with the story still you felt something for them. The plot was the best, seriously you haven’t read a book till you’ve experienced Margaret Peterson Haddix’s plots. They are AMAZING!! The depth and simplicity of each plot, make you AHH! She is one of those supreme authors.. that you must read, go now, run, find your nearest library and check out all of her books. #sidetracked

Back to the review, now onto the cons.


No cons with this book except, I wish it was a little longer or maybe a sequel! 🙂

#2. Running Out of Time

running out of time.jpg


Name: Running Out of Time

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Stars: 4 out of 5

Age Range: 10+


Jessie lives with her family in the frontier village of Clifton, Indiana, in 1840—or so she believes. When diphtheria strikes the village and the children of Clifton start dying, Jessie’s mother reveals a shocking secret —it’s actually 1996, and they are living in a reconstructed village that serves as a tourist site. In the world outside, medicine exists that can cure the dread disease, and Jessie’s mother is sending her on a dangerous mission to bring back help.

But beyond the walls of Clifton, Jessie discovers a world even more alien and threatening than she could have imagined, and soon she finds her own life in jeopardy. Can she get help before the children of Clifton, and Jessie herself, run out of time?


This book was almost as great as the first one. Again the characters are so well though out. Jessie is so funny when seeing the world in 1996, she questions what is that mysterious yellow thing. Aka the schoolbus! 😛 The plot was great again. The whole premise reminded me some of a movie called The Village which had the same living in a village that was supposed to be the 18th century and then figuring out your in the real world. Another element of the book was the writing her writing style is amazing. The words feel like someone is really talking to you. Great!


The book was rather short in my opinion, 192 pages was not enough. It made the plot move rather fast without enough time for development of the characters. It didn’t affect (I may have used the wrong one I am sorry) much though.

Overall I loved both of these books and would highly recommend them to anyone who is a fan of mystery/thriller books. 🙂


-Rose ❤

September Goals

School is here…

I seriously cannot believe that summer is over. It flew by so fast, I’m sad yet happy. I started my homeschool co-op two weeks ago, so I’m now officially in school. For ye non homeschoolers a co-op is as my friend stated –

“A collaboration of homeschoolers coming together and teaching one another’s children”



YES!!! Matrix meets homeschool! ❤ ❤ ❤

That’s pretty much it our parents teach classes that everyone needs. This year I’m taking Spanish 1, US History, and Emergency Prep. 🙂 Anyway, I got really off track like normal. 😛 I decided for this month we need GOALS. I’m a super planny person and cannot stand not having a plan. I’m learning to let loose though. Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 2.06.45 PM.png

THE BEAUTIFUL PLAN!! These are all tentative things, maybe they’ll happen maybe they won’t and oooh look a few blocked out things. :O Now to the goals.



PicMonkey Sample (2)

Do you like the new spacer! 🙂

Goal #1

Post more regularly, I want to be posting 2 or 3 times a week. I think I can do this, just have to keep on planning. Also your opinion would you rather have scheduled posting like Monday, Wednesday, Friday or just random posts that you have no idea are coming…


Goal #2

Have more creative ideas and have something different all the time. I want to have a variety of posts this month. Not just photography, writing, and stuff. Those things are great, I just want to have a variety.


Goal #3

Start a series of Scripture Sunday’s, I want to incorporate some of my faith into this blog. I thought it would be great if I could be posting some Bible verses regularly. 🙂

Scripture Sundays.png

This will most likely be the cover picture! 🙂 Thanks to my spectacular youth leader for taking that pic at camp last fall.

Goal #4

To have fun and not be mad when things don’t go my way. Guys, I was so glad when so many followers came and decided to look at my posts. I just need to remember not to be so hard on myself when the things, I hope will happen don’t happen. 🙂



Yep! That’s all my goals for this September or Septiembre.. in SPANISH! I’m taking Spanish, it is so much fun! I can understand other people!! 😀 Also.. please y’all be praying for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. A lot of my friends as well as I, have family down there. Lot’s of people have sadly drowned trying to swim to safety, please pray for everyone! ❤

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Rose ❤