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Hello and welcome to ASOACD (A Sun on a Cloudy Day)! A blog devoted to writing, reading, photography, and everything fun and happy! I’m Rose the owner of this little corner of the internet. I’m a homeschooled Christian teen who loves to play softball, read, write, photograph, and be outside. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by and hope you stay to enjoy! 🙂 Bye!

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More AAWC!! 😀


“Christmas is back, Christmas is back!” sang my little sister Anne Marie. After the Dictator G had been overtaken Christmas was officially back.

“Have you seen the headline of today’s newspaper? Christmas is back!” texted my best friend Georgia.

“OF COURSE!” I texted back.

“Momma, said we can set up the Christmas tree!” cried Anne Marie running around the living room.


We headed outside to find our Christmas tree and soon enough we found it. We found it in the tiny meadow near our house. Then we decorated it with lights and ornaments.

Then it was done.


The tree looked absolutely stunning.

“Amazing job girls!” cried Mom who had been cooking some delicious food since it was Christmas Eve.

“Why don’t you put this up too?” said Mom handing me a beautiful wreath with a big red bow.


“It looks beautiful!” I said.


Soon enough the sun started to set as we trekked back home through the meadow and through the woods.

We passed many things from our childhood the bubbling stream were we would play. The little rock cave where many a nights were spent laughing and giggling away, and now all of that could return.

Later that night we all sat outside and watched the Christmas fireworks.


They filled the sky with beautiful lights.


My favorite were the golden fireworks that made the sky fill with brilliant light. Then we did out next tradition we all sat by the fireplace and waited for Santa.



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Thanks for reading! 😀


Hello everyone! Hope your having a lovely weekend. 🙂 Here I am to share MORE AAWC with you guys! 🙂

The rain poured down over the street. I quickly darted through sea of umbrellas, suitcases, and people until the sea broke in front of an alley entrance. I stopped to catch my breath.

prompt 2.jpg

In the alley stood a tall boy holding an umbrella. His face was shrouded behind the umbrella. I hurried on to the train station. Today was my last day in NYC and now it was time to head back to Connecticut.

The train station loomed ahead hundreds of people streamed out of it while others came in. It was humongous.

“Littleton, Connecticut leaving in 5 minutes at platform 10.” said a loud booming voice overhead.

That’s me I thought rushing toward my platform.

*sorry about the pink edges… 😛


I entered outside to my platform finally the rain had stopped and all was quite. I hopped onto the train and away we flew back home.

IMG_1867 (1)

I awoke with a start we we’re passing a tranquil pond, the sunset glowed bright not the normal black and white, must’ve been asleep for a while I thought.

“You have been asleep for a while.” said a voice in my head. I turned around who was that. Then I saw him the man from the alley he was about 17 yrs old. He smiled at me when I turned around.

“Hello!” said the voice again it felt soft and quite in my mind.

“Is it you?” I asked in my mind.

“Yep! My name is Kaleb. You’ve been chosen to be able to See.”

“Is that why I saw the sunset.. colors?” I asked.

“Yes, but don’t tell anyone all color has been drained from the world by a certain organization. I can see it and now so can you.” he said.

“Wow this is really weird do you always talk to people like this.”

“Sorry. You’re the first person I’ve spoken to in ten years, like this.” he said.

“This is amazing..!” I said.

“LITTLETON STATION!” said the conductor.

“This is my stop.” I said.

“I get off here to.” he said.

I quickly got off the train and there on the platform was Kaleb.

“Alrighty.. you ready to see this.” he said.

“Oh you actually talk.” I said, his voice sounded almost the same as before soft and comforting.

“C’mon follow me.” he said pulling me down the street.

“Look at this, what color is this.” he asked.


It was a flower… my brain was working.. a word 1 word tugged at my brain.

“Purple!” I blurted out.

“That’s right!” he said.

“And the middle is yell… ow.” I said sounding out the foreign word.

“Correct!” said Kaleb excitedly.


“What color is this?” he asked holding up another flower.

“Yellow.” I said, I was good at this.

“Correct again.”

“You’re really good at this.” said Kaleb.

“Thanks. What am I supposed to do with this “color” knowledge?” I asked.

“We use it to find other people who we can share it with to. They’re are tons of other people in the world who are just now discovering this power. We have a list and keep a careful eye on each person until the manifest the power. We want to show the world the real colors and make sure everyone knows the truth about what happened.” he said.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Nothing you need to concern yourself with. End of subject.” he said.

“Okay…” I replied.

“Now let me show you more stuff… in the meadow”


“Brown.” I said. This was my 19th color. I’d learned so many pink, purple, yellow, blue, brown, black, red, white, grey, black, orange, green, and so many others. The sun was now just a glimmer on the horizon and the street lamps had turned on.


“I need to get you home.” said Kaleb as the sun sunk lower into the horizon.

“I don’t want to leave this.” I said motioning to everything around us we had wandered far from the edge of town and we’re out in the open forest.”

“C’mon.” said Kaleb ushering me back.

My house loomed ahead it was small but home.

“Look!” said Kaleb motioning to the ground.

DSC_0358 2

“Pink flowers.” I said.

“The first color you could identify.” replied Kaleb.

“Good-bye Kaleb.” I said sadly.

“Good-bye Raine.. I’ll be sure to see you again.




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I hope you enjoyed! 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely day!

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Ardent Authors Writing Challenge #3

Hey guys! Sorry for the unexpected break Christmas, New Years, and getting back into school really caught up with me! So sorry about that anyway this year I’m participating in Ardent Authors Challenge hosted by Zielle@MyHomeschoolNoteBook. If you would like to join in they’re are a few spots still left. 🙂


I’m on Team Meadows we’re currently in last but it’s super tight between all the teams!! 🙂 Onto my story!

The woods were my home everyday after school I rushed home to the tiny cottage and slipped on my pale pink dress and ran into the woods. Most people couldn’t see the magic of the woods, but I sure could.

“Good afternoon Miss Emily!” said Mr. Lou who was a large brown bear.

“Good afternoon Mr. Lou.” I said curtsieing.


“I must be off now!” I cried.

“Goodbye tiny maiden!” cried the bear.

Farther I went into the forest soon the forest became dark but not scary.


Up between the trees Gladen Mountain stood tall and majestic. The mountain threw a shadow over the forest. But I didn’t worry for the Lumos Flowers gave off a purplish light that lit the forest.


Soon enough I came to the Tiny Meadow as I call it. The grass came up to my knees. You had to be very careful here for the Tiny Ponies lived here, and angering one is not what you want to do.


I watched them for a bit as they munched on grass and frolicked throughout the meadow.


Beyond the meadow came the naiads creek were naiads played and swam in the water. Up popped a little head as I walked by she waved at me begging me to come into her lair. Naiads are beautiful creatures but all they want is to drag innocent people into they’re murky lair.

DSC_0358 2

Finally I came to my last stop of the day which was the Petal Path flowers from the Pinky Trees littered the path and created a beautiful fragrant aroma that filled the air. Thank you my friends for joining me on my journey.


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Thanks so much for reading have a lovely day.

-Rose ❤ <– New sign off in the making 😉



We Wish You A Merry Christmas

4 days!! Only 4 days till the BEST day of the entire year is here. The gift of Christ, presents, getting to see family, yummy food, pie… AHH!! I’m very excited in case you didn’t notice.. 😛 Anyway I took some Christmas pictures today! 🙂



Hopefully that got you into the Christmas spirit! 😉 Have a lovely day and be sure to come back tomorrow for another Christmas themed post.

QOTD: What’s your favorite Christmas food?

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Countdown to Christmas: 12 Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer

Hello everyone! Can you believe it only 12 days till Christmas! From now till Christmas I’ll be doing a Christmas themed post.  This year my leader from AHG encouraged me and all my friends to try and do an act of kindness everyday till Christmas. I thought it was such a fun idea. I want to share with you some of my ideas.

  1. Make a plate of cookies or other baked good and place it on a neighbors doorstep and run.

I’m actually doing this with our one neighbor because be and my friend M always hit volleyballs into her yard.. so she doesn’t exactly “like” us so we need to restore the peace.

2. Tape a bag of popcorn to a Redbox.

3. Paint rocks with fun sayings or messages on them and place them throughout your neighborhood/community.

4. Put friendly notes in library books.

5. Do extra chores without being asked or make a special meal for your parents.

6. Make Christmas cards for residents at a nursing home or send them to men and women serving overseas.

7. Do a small food drive with your friends, family, and neighbors.

I did one of these just a few days ago and donated all the food to a church food pantry. It was super fun!

8. Depending on how old you are or if you can drive next time you go through a drive thru pay for the persons meal behind you or give the cashier $20 bucks and tell them to use it till it runs out for anyone behind you.

9. Give tiny gifts or baked goods to the people that we don’t often think about like the mailman, trash collectors, or even the person who checks you out at Target.

10. Help a neighbor with kids ask them if you could babysit or help them in anyway this Christmas.

11. Help a neighbor or friend set up Christmas lights.

12. Pray for others this Christmas it’s a little thing that goes a long way.

I hope you’ll be able to do some of those this Christmas season! 🙂 Be sure to stop by tomorrow for another fun Christmas post.

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Tag Time #3

Wow our 3rd tag time! I love doing tags and I’m sorry if they ever get boring for you to read, I’ll try to make it more exciting.

1. Versatile Blogger Award

blogger award.jpg

Thank you so much Zielle for nominating me for this award. You should totally go and check out her blog My Homeschool Notebook she has fantastic posts! 🙂


  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the VBA.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

The Versatile Blogger Award is awarded to bloggers who’s blog have a special meaning in their life.

“Honor those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then.”

7 Facts About Me

  • I love all animals and want to be a vet or zoologist one day.
  • My birthday is March 28th
  • I have an obsession with 7/11 slurpees… 😛
  • I want to have a side job as a photographer (if anyone knows of a good camera, I’m looking to buy one and any suggestions or tips would be super helpful)
  • I love fuzzy socks
  • I have have a doll blog HERE! <– Self promotion 😉
  • I’m a follower of the Lord



Bekah has an amazing blog with fashion advice and lifestyle posts. She has Fashion Focus Fridays and Whats Up Wednesdays which are super fun, be sure to check her out.


Sam has fun book/lifestyle posts and she has great opinions on books and is a super sweet girl.


Clara does many different things on her blog like photography and writing. She has amazing posts and you should totally check it out.


Brook does super fun posts about everything, she has a super fun blog.

Those are my nominees, all you have spectacular blogs and I’m happy that I get to read such amazing posts.

2. The Christmas Tag

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Thank you again Zielle for nominating me!


  • Add the picture in your blog. (I made my own image for this tag)
  • Copy these rules into your post.
  • Add a link to this original post (littlediyprojects.wordpress.com/thechristmastag).
  • Answer the 10 questions (you can add extra Christmas-related questions if you want).
  • Tag at least 3 other bloggers with links to their blogs.
  • Have fun!

The Questions….

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

I love getting to celebrate the birth of Jesus as well as getting to give gifts to all my family and friends.

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

I don’t know if I have a “favorite” Christmas memory, but every year I love getting to run down the stairs on Christmas morning with my brother or being really annoying and jumping on my parent’s bed to get them up. 😛

Are there special traditions your family has for Christmas?

Every year for Christmas we have to watch Elf because it’s one of the best Christmas movies ever. We also every Christmas day go to my grandparents house and celebrate it with them and my uncle.

What’s your Christmas wish? (Can be personal or general)

That everyone has a wonderful Christmas. This year I’m getting to go to a packing facility for Operation Christmas Child (OCC) which packs boxes for kids who are in need, and I’m really excited to get to go because I’m getting to send gifts to kids who don’t get gifts and I hope this Christmas everyone remembers how fortunate they are to have a house, clothes, water, and necessities because those kids might not have those. 

What’s your favorite Christmas dish?

Anything with sugar or mashed potatoes.. yum!

What’s your favorite Christmas decoration?

Our Christmas tree it looks so pretty! 

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

I like Away In a Manger and Silent Night but really I love al Christmas songs.

Where do you usually celebrate Christmas?

At my grandparents house.

What does the ‘Christmas Spirit’ mean to you?

It means giving to those who may not have as much or just spreading happiness. This year my friend M and I want to bake cookies for our entire neighborhood which is a lot of cookies and I’ll think that’ll be fun. I also went caroling yesterday with my youth group and it was so fun to see all the people look so happy when we sang. So I think “Christmas Spirit” is giving and spreading happiness to those who may not have as much as us.

Who out of anybody in the world would you want to spend your Christmas with?

Family.. and Jesus! 🙂 ❤


ANYONE because we’re spreading that Christmas cheer. 😉 Have a wonderful day everyone!


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Sunset Silhouettes

Hello everyone!! 🙂 Just recently me and my friend went down to the pond near my house and took some pictures during sunset they turned super awesome. So I thought I’d share them with you guys.


My friend we shall refer to her as M.. she is literally the most photogenic person ever.


This was my sad attempt at a heart… 😛

IMG_1867 (1)

I also took a few pictures of the lake which turned out fabulous if I do say so myself.

IMG_1868 (1)IMG_1869 (1)


Woo hoo! It’s finally December which means tons of super awesome Christmas posts! Yay! I am the biggest Christmas fan ever and I cannot wait to show y’all some Christmas crafts, stories, photos, and much much more! Be sure to check back for some fun Christmas-y goodness soon. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.


Rose (2).png

P.S – How do you like my christmas sign off?? 🙂